Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Act 5: Innocent Blood

I decided to not add audio... too tedious for each act. I'm designing a Turbulent Seed website. This site will have background audio for the entire site, giving it an over all hazed feeling. So keep an eye out for the new site.

Here is act 5...enjoy...

Turbulent Seed: Dark Justice

Act 5

I feel I’m getting close. I sniff the air and smell the blood of my most recent kill. Another lowlife rid from the streets…Another step towards my soul’s rejuvenation. There are too many of them out there, but I swear on the graves of all the innocent victims that died…”I will kill them all”…And deliver to them the type of justice they deserve…Dark Justice. My thoughts continue to zigzag as I watch the cars pass by in the city below. I often ascend to the heights of the city’s sky scrapers to gather my thoughts, and to reflect on the deeds of the night before…A gleam of conscience. But the task that I started must be complete. This thought drives me to move, move, move…kill, kill, kill, for the innocent. Ice. I must destroy all that he is, and could be. My innocence was taken…My mother murdered…My father…My Brother. Who am I now? I am no longer the Destiny Samuels, the name and identity given to me at my birth. All who I was is no more. Somehow they know. They know who I once was. I must move on and finish the task. The two thugs in the alley, the drunk that died on Bushel Street, the one I sent to hell tonight…And now for Shakespeare. With Shakespeare dead, it’ll damage a huge section of Ice’s criminal empire. I focus my attention on the club below. I see the crowds gather in front hoping to get inside. Tonight is Special VIP night at the Galaxy5 night club, and only the ones with deep pockets get to share in the night’s events. I wait till I see a man wearing the classic 1950’s top hat, emerging from a 1950’s style limo. He has it all down to the “T”…And that’s him. Shakespeare.
I use the elevator to descend from the building. The night is too busy for me to go my usual route. I want to make it as natural as possible. I reach the main floor of the building, exit, and set my sights westward, staring directly at the night club ahead. I try to look the part to avoid any suspicion. The bouncers at the door are big guys, but not a threat at all. I make my way through the crowd approaching one of the bouncers. Our eyes meet. He says, “Do you have a pass”. I made an advance copy of the pass that is usually used to get into this sort of thing. I pull my purse forward and removed my copied pass. It was good enough to get me in….and now to find Shakespeare...I smell death before the kill. The house is packed with deep pocket drug dealers, executives that buy what ever is available to get them high, high class prostitutes…All of them…Filth, masked in the scent of perfume. I make my way to the bar and motion for the bartender to come over. He approaches me and I say one word, “Shakespeare.” He replies, “No, no sweet heart, if you want Shakespeare, he’s through those double doors, sitting in the Section A VIP room.” Only if the poor bartender knew what he just did. The scent of death before the kill: The double doors, Section A. I find it. I open the swinging doors and approach the man in the top hat. I say “Shakespeare?” The men and scantily clad women in the room started to laugh. “Who’s asking?” I make a quick move for the man in the top hat and fifty’s style suit. He was in motion drinking his wine from the wine glass. I smash the glass while he was still drinking ensuring that the glass penetrated his oral proximity. I yank a chunk of the glass from his upper lip and use it to seal his demise with his throat sliced. The rush…It envelops me. Now he rests in hell. The others in the room braced themselves back as I stood there with fresh blood on my hands. I was about to kill the other men and women because I leave no witnesses, but one of the men spoke. “Shakespeare…you wanted Shakespeare…That man wasn’t him. The guy you just killed was just a regular guy looking to have a good time.” Witnesses…damn. But I can’t kill the innocent. I freeze for what seemed like an eternity…Fresh blood…The taste of victory. No. I have never felt this before…The blood of an innocent. How could I be wrong? How could I be wrong!? My chest starts to seize and I hurry to exit the club. I hear voices yelling “stop her!”…”call the police” …“Jared is dead, call the cops.” The man I just murdered. His name was Jared. Innocent blood on my hands…This should not have been. I throw off all opposition and flee to the streets. They saw my face. They all saw my face. I wasn’t careful and now I will be the hunted. Who knew that I was coming? Where is Shakespeare? Shakespeare was supposed to be here…tonight. My mind races with thoughts making me light headed and awfully dizzy. I find a pay phone. The sky is dark. No moon tonight. I stumble into a seemingly empty alley. I hear something…or someone. I halt and hide myself in the shadows. Emerging into one of the few dim lights in the alley was a young female; perhaps sixteen or seventeen. I hear her speak, “I know you are here…I saw you run in here. Are you OK?”

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