Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Act2: No Sirens

Here is act 2 of the story.

I will be updating the story including all its edits as I go along. I am doing this as a medium to get people to read the story.More character details to come...And now I present to you.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Turbulent Seed: Dark Justice

ACT 2: No Sirens

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It was a quiet night… too quiet if you asked me. Usually at this time our phones and talkies would be going crazy. No sirens. It gave me an inner calm. I glance over at my partner, Willis, chowing down some rotten looking donut. I feel fortunate that I don’t have to scrape the grounds for food.
We watch the citizens of this once great city stroll by like zombies going in no particular direction. I cough and take another sip of my coffee that I picked up at the local café on Third Street. Vince’s Café House, was its name. I blew another puff of my cigarette…Still no alerts over the talkies, CBs or phones. Willis and I have been seated in our patrol cruiser for about an hour now. Still silence. I glance up the street. My eyes focused on a couple crossing the street with a baby stroller. A rear sight… A beautiful sight... This city may never return to its previous splendor. Still silence. A few seconds later, I hear it… A voice over the CB... It says. “Patrol 4, we got a situation reported over on Tenth Avenue from an anonymous caller. Go check it out”. Tenth Avenue… That’s on the other side of the city. “What kind of situation”, I asked, “over”. I receive an answer. “…Two bodies in an alley”. “Roger that”, I respond. Willis glanced at me. I tossed my cigarette out the patrol cruiser window and took off. I turn on the sirens to clear any opposing traffic. Who am I kidding… nobody cares. Sirens in this city often go upon deaf ears. The citizens are numb to it. They don’t even trust us anymore. I turn off the sirens leaving only the lights on…Silent cruise.
We dashed around the corner on Tenth Avenue, spot checking ever alley we passed. “Stop”...Willis speaks. He calls my name, “Gabe”, and says. “I see something, over there”. Good man…my partner Willis…One of the cities true and great cops...I respect him. I put the cruiser in reverse and steer into a dimly lit alley passing a few stray cats and garbage bins along the way. The head lights illuminate the space in front of us. We see it… The two bodies…
Willis and I ready our guns, slowly open the car door, and survey our surroundings. There is no apparent threat. Willis moved over to one of the two men face down in the filth of the alley. He flips the body over for face recognition. “You know this one?” he asked. I shook my head and responded, “No.” God damn… These two were done up good… real good. Both their necks sliced. Both suffered massive blood loss leading to their immediate death. I could see the blood settled creating a pool around their face.
I flipped the other body over to I.D. him. MY heart leaped. It was J. Hammer… Wanted for rape and attempted murder. We couldn’t get our hands on him… Someone beat us to it. And here he was – dead, right in front of me. I call Willis’ attention. I checked his upper right arm to confirm it was really him. I find it… The tattoo given to all members of the Night Soldiers… one of the baddest gangs this city houses… Willis confirms the other corpse was, too, a Night Soldier.
Who could have killed them both, so swift…so well…so dirty? The thought baffled me. Who ever did it destroyed another change for us to find Ice. Ice… One of the baddest son-of-a- bitches this city has ever seen... A crime god… I still remember. I remember when I found out about my mother’s death, my sister’s disappearance. God damn Night Soldiers. J. Hammer deserved to die. They all do… But with him dead, it makes it one bit harder to get to Ice, because J. Hammer knew people. I look up in time to catch Willis put something, a purple object in his coat pocket. Hmm…He pulled out a cigarette, the special edition purple tip Camel, lit it and puffed. “Let’s get this shi* cleaned up” he says.
I call the paramedics. Silence once again. This city… This once great city… I still believe on our justice system and what it stands for. This city still has some good souls, the foundation keeping this dying city afloat. Good souls like Willis and I. Good souls are tough to find in a city filled with death cloaked in sheep’s clothing. Justice. I try to deliver it. I try to uphold the laws of this city... laws to serve and protect. It’s my Job to hunt down criminals like J. Hammer and bring him to justice. Justice…Justice by the law.


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Lovin it! Awsome designs on both Destiny and Gabe. Keep em comin.

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