Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Act1: Sirens

Here is a listing of the main cast:

Destiny Samuels
Gabe Samuels
Willis Hollden

Chelsea Graves

I will be updating the story including all its edits as I go along. I am doing this as a medium to get people to read the story.
More character details to come...And now I present to you.

Turbulent Seed: Dark Justice

ACT 1: Sirens

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It’s a strange night. It’s a strange because the usual sounds of sirens howling the city are none. It’s as if the city is sleeping. The streets are busy. The clubs and bars are alive; But no sirens. I glanced over my left shoulder to glimpse two homeless men haggling over some stale food. No sirens.
I fear the day when these feelings I have leave me. Feelings of anger, hatred, like a battery inside me giving me life… the will to move. I haven’t looked back since the day they took my innocence… the day they killed my mother.
As I continued strolling the streets, I pause at the cross-walk, and then I hear it; like a breath of life; the music of the night. Sirens.

I race across the busy streets disregarding the moving traffic. I tuned into the sounds of the sirens and follow it. My feet are swift, my endurance is long. I finally see the lights in the not too far distance. I cut through back alleys to slice time and distance in half. Finally… I hear it stop… the sirens. I see the lights flashing their brilliant red and blue colours. I make my way up the side of one of the old buildings over looking the scene of the “crime”.
God I hate their filth. Corrupt cops… Poor fuc*ing excuses for law enforcers. They get off on money, cheap sex, and nude bars. They get off letting the system exploit the lives of the crime victims: Money mostly though.
From the roof of the building I can see the cops shaking hands with two thugs. In the corner crouched beside one of the garbage bins was a young woman, gagged by the mouth; one of the many rape victims this city has seen for the past few years.
There is a transaction of some sort. Fallen Angels equal to these corrupt cops. Serve and protect my ass. It looked like money and something else I can’t quite make out. I witness the law fail once again as the cops take the young woman away in their police cruiser. I don’t believe they are taking her back to the police station either. And this is how they get off… cheap sex and money. The cops peel off blaring, their sirens once again. This time only to clear traffic so they may reach their destination faster.
Now that the cops are gone, the two thugs are alone. Dark Justice. I descended from the roof top with the swiftness of a hawk. I gaze at the two thugs. I guess they have no reason to feel threatened. I am a female: A poor helpless looking feline. They start to speak. Go home sweetheart. This city has no place for you unless you wanna’ get fuc*ed in more ways than one. I just stare. They speak again, this time the sarcasm leaves. I said get out of here bitch, I don’t wanna’ hurt you. You’re too pretty to get marred.
I reach for my knife and the two thugs are quick to draw their guns. Still I just stare. Fuc*in’ pussycat’s got balls pulling a knife on us like that. I stare. I think to myself… what do guys treasure the most besides money and cars. It fills me with disgust and my hatred for them only builds. I can hear them making perverse references in regards to me. Still I just stare. Get the fuc* outa’ here I hear one of the thugs say. This is it… commencement of dark justice. I blink and it’s all over. Both their necks sliced. It felt good, real good. Giving criminals the punishment they deserve. I hear a whisper. I move over to one of the thugs to make sense of it. He whispers and says. He knows who you are, he’s gonna’ find you and finish the job…kill you like your fuc*ing mother. You’re gonna’ die bitc*, I hear him say. I ask one question…Who? He pointed to a neon light in the window of the ice cream shop across the street flashing ICE and silently whispered, “Ice”. I finished the thug off with a stab to the heart. Dark Justice.
Ice. That fuc*ed up lunatic wants me…why? I was careful to cover my footsteps, untraceable I thought. I no longer have a name…I’m gonna’ kill him. Retribution. Murder. I’m gonna’ kill him. Ice. The coldest son-of-a-bitc* the gangs have ever ran into. He plays this city like his play toy puppet. He wants me. He’ll get me. I’ll climb the ladder and kill every head figure in his criminal organization. One by one till I get to him. I have to hurry. They’re gonna’ be people looking for these two pieces of failed male figures…thugs.
I throw my jacket back over my shoulder. Murders, rapists, riots. That’s all this city sees these days. The damn cops don’t do a stinking thing. More than half of the law enforcers are corrupt, except for one; one true and good one. He can’t stop these criminals alone. It’s all too corrupt. I find a pay phone to make a call. These criminals do dark crimes and dark deeds. Dark crimes deserve dark justice and that’s what I deliver… Dark Justice.


Stay tuned for Act 2.

I would really love to hear your comments, because this is actually me first time writing a full story, so I am pretty new at this.


At Wednesday, April 12, 2006 6:34:00 PM, Blogger kenny_man said...

I'm hooked already! I think its cool that you introduced the character with a picture, then start with the story. It gives us a face to relate to a person. Can't wait to read more and see some of the other characters. when you're telling the story, it's easy to follow. you paint the picture clearly, seems as if we're there almost looking over her shoulder. this makes reading enjoyable for me!!!

At Friday, April 14, 2006 4:58:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is truly awsome man. When the hell did you become an author? I'm lovin this stuff already man. She's like a female Punisher(lol). Real good $hit. Keep it up. This could be a book one day
-yo cuz, Nick

At Saturday, May 27, 2006 2:49:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice colors. Keep up the good work. thnx!

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